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The next prebuilt system in the line up is the "Sweet Spot"! The Sweet Spot offers the perfect balance between power and affordability for someone looking for an amazing gaming experience for years to come! This PC is a great choice for the serious gamer/content creator,  Based around the newest generation ryzen 5 3600! The 1660 TI or 5600xt both offer an amazing 1080p experience for a constant 200 FPS on lower settings and 80-125 FPS on ultra setting making it the "Sweet Spot" for pc gaming!

CPU-Ryzen 5 3600 w/ rgb cooler
Motherboard-b450 RGB model
GPU-1660 ti 6gb or 5600xt 6gb 
Storage-1TB ssd
PSU-600w +80 bronze
Case-ATX Midtower with 6 RGB fans

5600xt/1660ti Average FPS (based on 1920x1080 resolution)
GTA 5- Mixed settings 110-140 FPS
Fortnite- low settings 180-220 FPS
              Ultra settings 110-130 FPS
Apex Legends- Ultra settings 110-125 FPS
Battlefield V-Ultra settings 90-120 FPS
PUB G-High settings 100-130 FPS
CS:GO-High Settings +300 FPS
Red dead redemption 2- Low settings 80-100 FPS
                                        High settings 45-60 FPS

PC is fully tested prior to shipping-2 Year warranty/Lifetime support
Plug and play ready!
*Wired internet connection needed unless you purchase the wifi usb adapter with the pc*
*Keyboard and mouse not included*

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